Sustainability is modern time’s greatest challenge. Poverty, starvation, exploitation of people, climate change and global inequity are just some of the uphill battles we face.

IDARE believes that technology is fundamental in solving these problems.  Whether it’s reducing unnecessary travel-emitting carbon dioxide or using artificial intelligence to deter human trafficking; integration people and technologies are core to securing our well-being long into the future.

How does IDARE contribute? 

IDARE wants to try something different. We recognize that most people want to contribute, but not all of us can afford to write a pay-cheque.

The IDARE community is loaded with technology superstars like yourself. 

We will seek out non-profit organizations with inspiring sustainability missions and projects that need your help!

For IDARE Members

If you are an IDARE member and are interested in volunteering some of your time and skills towards a sustainability project, apply to the IT Volunteer – Sustainability role by answering a few screening questions.

For Non-Profit Organizations

If you are a non-profit organization that seeks IT-skilled volunteers for a project that will contribute to your sustainability mission, apply to the IT Non-Profit Partner – Sustainability role by answering a few screening questions.

When IDARE makes a connection between a sustainability project and a volunteer, you will be notified of the next steps immediately!