“New Year Promise - The Greatest Integration Community in 2020”

Sharing and caring

Let us together build a new integration community where the base is “sharing and caring” as it´s very heart and soul.

Come together

As a community we need to come together to empower people, increase the quality, speed of delivery, increase the value of innovation and minimize the risks in integration-related work needed to get to a positive Business outcome. We can do better together, help empower each other to improve the customers integration experiences.

Skills people – are out there

I have met many skilled people over many years, and I know that there are a lot of customer needs for integration resources out there in all industries. If the customer needs could be better matched and fulfilled, we could better utilize those highly skills to become most value-added and key for success. All companies also have a high turnover of the people within integration. This affects recruitment and on-boarding of both employees and consultants. Customers wants better access to skills and know where they are and what services they can provide. “Anybody out there” that have done or seen this before?

Enable growth

When integration efforts lead to a positive Business Innovation and automation itself gives operational advantages, but its opposite is unfortunately also very true. Lack of integration-skills affects all industries. The lack of skills or integration related work can lead to negative impact for the business outcome. Lack of skills therefor leads to none- or decreasing growth.

Next generation – integration skills

The Integration Community needs to empower and take care of the future availability of integration-resources. Focus should be on skills transfer, on-boarding and training of colleagues.  Several companies including our own have it’s own Integration Academy. Since timing is key – the community needs to be better to respond and also more opened to customers and other partners. The value of knowledge combined with skills transfer are so effective and appreciated. I love Pair-programming in Integration where a more knowledgeful person helps a less knowledgeful person. Also, it increases the chances of getting the work done and with more quality and less errors. A combination of learning activities needs to be performed. Some people in the community is very good at explaining theory and others are awesome in hands-on execution.

Sense of urgency

Timing is everything – Instead of having to be “sorry to say No” due to timing and lack of resources we in the integration community need to improve in helping the customers in meeting their needs and expectations. If one Partner has 80% of its resources available to form a delivery it could team up with another Partner and also freelancers to fill the rest 20%. You get the point – so if the need for resources is described and broken down into smaller pieces it also would be easier also to get a higher throughput of smaller and shorter engagements. Even if a customer is more describing a more complex or have a vague need is just probing the community – its feedback and answers will help the customer to start simplifying and break down activities in to smaller pieces to become more manageable work.


It will take time to build trust and it also related to positive outcomes of the accomplishments of the community.

Co-opetition between partners makes sure that there are some basic rules of business conduct to behave accordingly. There needs to be respect of the different relationships and sometimes a partner does not have the relationship but skills and vice versa.

Work smarter – based on the true demand

It starts with Involving the customer, we need be better in asking the customer to describe it needs and requirements in the area of integration.

“Call for help – and help should be provided” – that is the spirit!

“Wish”-list and a “Shit”-list

The more sharing of knowledge, the more learning – the better the community will understand the threats and opportunities. It will be possible to see trends, common problems and opportunities.

Every person, every team and every company, please start creating your own Wish-and Shit-lists and share them with the community. I am most sure there will be some similarities also differences, but it will increase the chance of finding a solution or a specific resource to approach a defined problem statement and a request for action

Over time the customers will be more razor-sharp and to the point and the community-based way of working can enable areas of interest and pain points that needs priority.

Over time the needs can be aggregated and joints efforts by teams of resources can deliver more value for more customer and reuse skills and efforts.

 There are so many areas to talk about and I call out for more Ambassadors in the Integration Community.

“Call for help – and help should be provided” – that is also the Christmas spirit!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!

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