Integration is like a Rainbow!

Great to get confirmation on things that you think you know. The fact that many Swedish companies stand out and need more cloud providers is something we have seen for some time. However, I believe that the remaining countries in Europe will soon follow in the same footsteps.
Regarding the conclusion that the biggest challenges for implementing a “multicloud strategy” is about Integration and Security, I will unsurprisingly think about the old TV program “Have you heard it before?” 😊

What do we do to simplify?

If we compare this to a rainbow that will integrate cloud solutions, higher security ratings on the information and more complex amounts of information also means a longer path, like the red bow in the rainbow. Of course, the opposite is true of the purple bow, which makes the road closer and easier.

My, tip (perhaps obvious) is to ensure that as little volumes as possible goes into the upper layers and to create highways in the lower ones. Then the integration and security challenges will become easier.

Do you agree?–vill-ha-manga-moln

Integration #CyberSecurity

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